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house style in architecture


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Have you ever thought about the style of your home? In architecture there are more than 100 styles all over the world because every country may have a common style while designing a house. What about in Thailand? Of course we have, we have Thai architectural style as the traditional architectural style in our country. Now we would like to introduce you to several house styles that could be your dream home style. you in the future

1. Modern Style

A style that makes the house look simple and clean. And the construction cost is lower compared to other types of modern style that are commonly seen. Residential houses in Thailand and very popular as well.


2. Minimal Style

home decoration that are currently gaining popularity is a simple decoration style use fewer pieces of furniture but with a lot of benefits including the selection of various applications only as necessary which will be arranged in an orderly manner The uniqueness of decorating in that minimalist style Often have a monotone or lighter tone. including design


3. Tropical Saving Energy

This style is the recommended design for modern living. 8Plan always promotes energy saving innovation and smart living. Tropical style is a style that fits our climate. This design allows our homes to be well ventilated, with low temperatures due to wood drying and a roof garden to ensure good air circulation. 


4. Classic Style

Classic style is recommended for those who want to make an impression on the home. With its large proportions and Romanesque accents, it makes you feel like you're in a classic European era.


5. Thai-Oriental Style

For you who love Thainess and want to bring Thai heritage to your home, Thai-Eastern style is the best choice for you. With the same Thai roof and wood materials, a Thai impression will enter your home.


Of all the architectural styles we recommend for you, which one do you like?
If you choose, we can help you design your home according to your preferences. Hurry up to register as our member

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Written by : 8Plan team


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