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style of this house It is a home design that stands out in every corner of the house. With a roof design built with special and durable construction materials. And the design of the house looks luxurious and unique. This house has many highlights. and has a beautiful structure Usable space that is complete in all functions Answers to all aspects of residents


  • usable area

    🛏️ 3 bedroom +  🚿 3 bathroom + 🛋️ 1 living room

    Construction area

    🏠 Living area inside the house 170 sqm 

    🟩 Construction area size 14 x 15 m.

    BEC energy consumption calculation

    🏠 OTTV fee 20 W/m2

    🏠 RTTV value 6 W/m2

    🧱 Innovative energy-saving materials, Cell Crete

    ♻️️ Solar panels

    Construction price approx.

    💰 2.4 - 2.8 million baht

    designer credit

    Architects : Settepong Wongchai, Hanny Chandra

    Engineer : Dr. Aphai Chapirom

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